Homebrew additions: Belgian Tripel

Belgian Tripel is a flexible style, with a lot of possible additions, but some really bad combinations.

A Belgian Tripel is a good base style for a boozy ingredient. Ingredients like bourbon and whiskey would blend well.

Fruit flavors are a good match for a Belgian Tripel. Berry flavors including blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry would work with the fruity esters of a Belgian Tripel. A Belgian Tripel is an okay base style for a citrus flavor. Ingredients including cherry, grapefruit, and orange peel maybe would work. Tree-fruit flavors like peach and plum likely work as well.

Flavors like lemon grass and hibiscus would work with the tart flavor of a Belgian Tripel.

Surprisingly, a Belgian Tripel is an okay base style for a nutty addition. Ingredients including hazelnut, pecan, and coffee would work.

Despite it having a spicy yeast character, a Belgian Tripel is only an okay base style for a spicy ingredient. Flavors for instance chai, seeds of paradise, ginger, and peppercorn would likely work, but a Saison may work better.

Herbal additions work, with green tea likely working, or a more floral addition like elderflower.

BJCP Style: 26C

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